Tork Matic Hand Towel Dispensing System

Designed to Deliver Less

Lower costs, increase hygiene and improve your image The Tork Matic Hand Towel system is ideal for busy washrooms that demand both comfort and hygiene. By only dispensing one sheet at a time, visitors take only what they need, reducing your costs


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Commercial Wipes, Dispensers and Hand Towels

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Tork Dining Napkins

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Self-Service Napkins


Keeping self-service customers moving while giving them the choice they want can be a hygiene challenge. You need refilling, waste management and storage to be as seamless as possible. Our range of smart serving products, including the Tork...

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Full service


Your customers notice when their dining experience is perfected down to the smallest detail. Our cleaning, wiping and sanitising products can help you provide unquestionable hygiene, but having the right finishing touches for your tables can also make a big...

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Tork SmartOne Toilet Roll Dispensers 
Stopping waste, one sheet at a time

(Available Free with User Aggreement.)



"After a successful trial we installed the product across all student washrooms. We have saved on costs, as the reduced toilet paper consumption means we are no longer wasting money restocking.”

Test Quote from Primary School, England

Waste less, serve more, Eliminate the free-rolling waste of traditional jumbo roll dispensers. Tork SmartOne  toilet roll system delivers one protected sheet at a time to help improve hygiene, resist vandalism and reduce consumption – by up to 40%*.

Tork SmartOne  key features

  • Quick disintegration and reduced consumption minimises the risk of pipe blockages
  • Fully enclosed system for maximum hygiene
  • Small footprint for washrooms short on space
  • SmartCor technology - the most convenient way to remove a core
  • Rolls supplied in Tork Carrypack packaging for easy handling and disposal
  • Also available in Tork Wave design - polycarbonate dispensers for extreme robustness and safety

Are you ready to stop the wasting and reduce toilet paper consumption  by up to 40%? Contact your Tork representative John Hodgson on 0191 410 8668 for more details.


FREE dispensers are available on request



Why Tork?

Tork toilet tissue, paper hand towels and soaps - housed in Tork Elevation and Tork Aluminium dispensers - are found in millions of washrooms around the world.

Meanwhile, Tork Products paper napkins are used in food outlets everywhere from upmarket restaurants to fast-food cafes. Tork Products Tork Performance wiping system – launched in 2010 – can help to create a professional image in workplace environments such as industrial workshops, healthcare institutions and catering kitchens. And Tork Products Tork Elevation dispensers can lift your washroom to a new level.

Tork manufacturer SCA has a strong commitment to delivering sustainable solutions and all our products are designed to minimise their impact on the environment.

When creating our dispensers we give equal consideration to design and functionality which means that our dispensers are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also easy to install and to use.


Why Choose Tork Washroom Hygiene Solutions?

why tork products?

Tork towels, soap and toilet tissue in Elevation plastic and aluminium dispensers
are found in millions of washrooms worldwide.
paper napkins are used everywhere from upmarket restaurants to fast-food cafes.
Tork manufacturer SCA has a strong commitment to delivering sustainable solutions.
Tork products are designed to minimise their impact on the environment.
Tork dispensers give equal consideration to design and functionality
Tork dispensers are aesthetically pleasing, they are also easy to install and use.


Tork Paper Towels & Dispensers

Paper towels are the best guarantee for avoiding the spread of germs to other users and the environment Ref: Westminster Report.(pdf opens new window)

Tork provide 3 different dispensing methods to dispense their quality paper towels.
FREE Tork Dispensers Available - subject to key care agreement.

H3 Single Fold Towel  System - These towels have 2 panels and are folded into each other so that they dispense one only at a time. Large towel, excellent value for money.
H1 Tork Paper Towel Systems Product
................(553000)............................... (553100)........................ (100278)
H2 Express Multifold System - These larger towels(4 panel or 3 panel) are both perforated and folded into each other so that only one towel is dispensed at a time. Larger towel, often one towel all thats needed
H2 paper towel systems
................(552000)............................... (552100)........................ (100297)
H1 Tork Matic Hand Drying Rolls - Torks' premium hand towel dispenser. Allows only one towel to be dispensed at a time. Premium quality and especially good in high volume areas.
Tork H1 towel systems
................(551000)............................... (551008)........................ (290016)

Tork Foam Soap & Dispensers

Tork foam soap is a long-lasting hygiene solution that is easy to use and kind to the skin. Note: Free soap dispensers available with this product call now for more details

it’s easy
Tork foam soap lathers quickly for an effective and pleasant hand wash. It is also easy to rinse away afterwards. The dispenser requires a low push force so that even children and people with limited hand strength can easily access the soap. That is why Tork foam soap is recommended by the Swedish Rheumatism Association.

it’s kind
Dermatologically-tested, mild Tork foam soap contains ingredients that care for sensitive skin - even when the hands are washed frequently. Tork foam soap is also environmentally accredited, therefore it is naturally kinder to the environment too.

it’s more
High-capacity Tork foam soap is perfect for washrooms frequented by large numbers of visitors. One Tork foam soap bottle contains 2,500 doses which means it needs refilling less frequently. Tork foam soap gives you more by using less.

Improve your toilet room image, buy Tork foam soaps and get FREE foam soap dispensers.

Click here to view the Tork Foam Soap Range and Dispensers


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New From Tork

Tork Industrial Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth - 80/pk

tork industrial low-lint cleaning cloth

An extremely low lint cloth with anti-static properties that is ideal for use with solvent when cleaning smooth surfaces. You can fit two packs in the Tork Folded Wiper/Cloth Dispenser at the same time, so cloths can always be available.

£22.75 (ExVAT)




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