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Tork Industrial Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth - 80/pk

tork industrial low-lint cleaning cloth

An extremely low lint cloth with anti-static properties that is ideal for use with solvent when cleaning smooth surfaces. You can fit two packs in the Tork Folded Wiper/Cloth Dispenser at the same time, so cloths can always be available.

£24.46 (ExVAT)



Santising Products arrow Sporicidal Wipes 25 per pack (30 x 21cm)

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Sporicidal Wipes 25 per pack (30 x 21cm)

Product Code: GCS25

Price Per Unit: £9.34 (ExVAT)

Developed by doctors. Used by professionals

The Most Powerful Wipe in the World

The only peracetic* acid generating wipe in the world, which is activated just by adding water. (*peracetic acid is the safe alternative to chlorine.)

Patented formula sterilises and disinfects.

C-Diff killed within 1 minute, with a greater than 6 log kil

Kills A Vast Range of Germs & Bacteria including C-Diff, MRSA, Staphylococcus Aureus, Listeria, Salmonella, HIV, Herpes, Influenza (H5N1), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Norovirus. Click here for test data

You Can Use Clinell Sporicidal Wipes In A Wide Range Of Places:
Areas – In wards, operating theatres, kitchens, laboratories, mortuaries.
Surfaces – Taps, door handles, mattresses, tables, desks, keyboards, chairs, trolleys, lockers, bed frames, toilet areas, or on any surface where C-Diff or other micro-organisms are suspected or proven to exist.
Bodily Fluids – Ideal to clean up blood and other body fluid spills.

Feature – Simple and easy to use, no need to dilute.
Benefit 1 – Anyone can use it without training, reducing the possibility of errors being made during the cleaning process.

Feature – Peracetic acid cuts through dirt unlike chlorine.
Benefit 2 – Effective at killing spores in dirty (highly soiled) conditions such as faeces.

Feature – To activate just add water.
Benefit 3 – No preparation time, just run under the tap, or soak in a bucket.

Feature – Comes in a dry state.
Benefit 4 – It can’t dry out.

Feature – Doesn’t emit any toxic fumes.
Benefit 5 – So it can be used next to patients or staff.

Feature – Environmentally friendly.
Benefit 6 – Breaks down into harmless by-products. No persistent toxic or carcinogenic residuals.

Fact - Gloves must be worn.
Fact – Proven to kill all known germs.
Fact – Contains no alcohol or organic solvents.
Fact – Made from 2 non wovens bonded together with peracetic acid powder between the two layers.

Tested to – European Standard EN1276, EN1650, EN13704, EN13727 and EN 14476:2005
Testing site – Prestigious UK University laboratories with validation and full publication protocols.