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Keep the kitchen going with Tork Reflex™ Improve flow and efficiency in your kitchen

Keep the kitchen going with Tork Reflex™

Increasing productivity and improving the working environment

Whatever your requirements for washrooms, Tork has the right products. Tork offers reliable, low-maintenance solutions with the best in hygiene standards for a wide variety of settings � retail, entertainment, healthcare, education, fitness and sports, etc. These dispensers, tissues and soaps are all designed to minimise consumption and waste. Your visitors use less and you save. 

Torks stylish dispensers allow fast access and quick refilling to help you create a washroom system that pleases everyone - a hygienic washroom system that delivers quality at a lower cost. When you compare both cost and added value, you'll see that Tork saves you money. Torks washroom products include high quality paper towels and tissues, gentle liquid soaps and air fresheners, all delivered in well-designed dispensers and supporting products.